The theatre has a large and varied stock of costumes and accessories in our extensive wardrobe. We use this to costume our productions and we also hire out to members and the public.

The Wardrobe is usually open between 11:30 and 1pm on a Sunday however you do need to ring in advance to book an appointment.

Please call 01293 782654

  • Medieval, Tudor, Puritan, Restoration, Regency – Victorian – Edwardian 1910-1920 1930 TV Costumes from “The Bretts” 1940 1950-1970 1980-1990 Panto costumes, Evening Dress, Night Attire, Period underwear, Skirts. Blouses, Cloaks, Petticoats (period), Wigs, Shoes, Gloves, Stockings, socks, Tights, Leotards, Stoles and shawls, Aprons, Jackets, Coats (period), Handbags, Jewellery Miscellaneous… eg. feathers, fans, cigarette holders, Ecclesiastic Robes (all lengths), Modern suits, Jackets (modern and period), Trousers (various) Morning suits, Frock coats, Evening dress suits, Blazers, Overcoats, Uniforms, Hats (various) – Top Hats – Bowlers, Shoes, Boots, Period underwear, Night wear, Shirts (various), Waistcoats (various), Ties, Cravats, Braces, Spats, Kilts, Riding Breeches, Most historical periods Pantomime characters, including animals, Evening dress, Uniforms, Some children’s costumes.