The Ladykillers – Audition

The Ladykillers
Directed by Carol Hall
Audition: Mon 3rd September in the Foyer
Playing dates: 4th – 15th December 2018

Please check your diaries!  Rehearsals will be intense and need all 6 of the
main characters to be available for all rehearsals!!

Based on the much-loved Ealing Comedy film (Alec Guinness, Peter Sellers), this is an award-winning stage adaptation by Graham Linehan, (writer of Father Ted and The IT Crowd.)  Its fast, furious, and fun!

The Ladykillers is a classic black comedy; a sweet little old lady, alone in her house, is pitted against a gang of criminal misfits planning a major heist, who will stop at nothing.


Cast (all ages are playing ages)

  • Professor Marcus – A charming, silver-tongued criminal mastermind Male, age 50 – 60
  • Major Courtney – A con-man above all other. Ex-military. Or is he? Very partial to a frilly dress, for himself, of course. Male, age 50 – 60 ish
  • Louis Harvey– Violent hit man, but afraid of old ladies and the dark. Male, age 30 – 45
  • One-Round – Ex boxer. A bit thick. But lovable, too. Male, aged 30 – 50
  • Harry Robinson – A cheeky chappy, who is taking part in his first criminal caper. He’s addicted to pills of all sort, and cleaning. Male, aged 25+
  • Louisa Wilberforce – Somewhere between sweetly dotty and battle-axe. No fool. Female, age 70+

Smaller parts

  • Jane Tromleyton –Talkative female, dotes on men – age 60+
  • Constable MacDonald –Well-meaning but inept. Male 35 +
  • Newsreader / General Gordon (both voice only, live, not recorded) – A plummy toned BBC news reader. Also a parrot
  • The Ladies Society Members (non-speaking) – A bevy of twitterers! (all 60+)


Audition is September 3rd in the bar. Scripts are available to read, but you may have to wait to get hold of one!!  Email or PM me to register interest. Director: Carol Hall (


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