The Country Wife

Restoration London is shocked and amused to hear that the notorious womaniser, Mr Horner, has returned from France apparently impotent. Mr Pinchwife has married a young, naïve country girl in the jealous hope that she will be too innocent to cuckold him.
Alas for all the jealous husbands who allow Horner unrestrained access to their wives, he is only pretending to be impotent and the ladies are very willing to keep his secret! And the more Pinchwife warns his wife against the dangers of the city, the more interested she gets!
Full of naughty double entendres, this bawdy satire on marriage, hypocrisy and sex is in many ways the quintessential Restoration play, enjoyed by Charles II, the merry monarch, but also banned for its immorality for over 200 years. However the play’s wit, energy and cynicism are still very evident and funny but not for the prudish!!

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