Performance start time

A friendly reminder to all our audience members:

Our Front of House staff strive to get every play started at dead on 7.45pm, since that is when all the actors and back-stage crew are expecting to start, and we don’t like to keep them waiting! Therefore, please, please try to help them achieve this! Remember that the doors and the bar will be open by 7pm so if you arrive early you won’t be waiting out in the cold.
If you are inviting along people who haven’t been before (which is excellent!) please encourage them to come as early as possible. We have had quite a number of people recently arriving at 7.46pm and being disappointed to find that the show has started without them! Latecomers can usually be admitted at a scene change, but they may miss a fair bit of the play (bearing in mind the size of our theatre it can distract the actors if people in the audience are wandering about during a scene).

Of course we fully understand that people can be late arriving due to unforeseen circumstances, but please do let your friends know to come earlier rather than later when attending shows. We’d much rather they got to see the whole play!

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