Jerusalem 19th Dec and 13th Feb

Jerusalem by Jez Butterworth
Audition Monday 19th December and Mon 13th February
Playing Dates 2nd – 13th May 2017

An early audition for the part of JOHNNY ‘ROOSTER’ BYRON only, will be held on Monday 19th December at 7:30 [venue to be announced]

Playing age 50’s. He is of Romany stock, a retired motor cycle stunt rider, partially crippled, charismatic. Has a Wiltshire accent.  The actor playing this part needs the ability to learn an enormous part. He is rarely off stage for nearly 3 hours. Much of it needs to be learnt before full rehearsals start. The part requires mental and physical prowess. I must have this part in place before the end of December. I have found one person who, I feel, has the dramatic ability and stamina to tackle this part but if anyone else would like to read for it, I shall be holding an audition for this part only, on Monday December 19th at 7.30. Don’t be shy, the more the merrier. Please let me know if you intend to come. I have play scripts and you will need to look at the long speeches on pages 34 and 107.

The main audition for the remaining 12 hugely important parts will be on Monday 13th February at 7:30 in the Foyer.
“Jerusalem” has been described as a modern classic. Starting life at the Royal Court it then ran in the West End for months and won every award going. It repeated its success on Broadway before returning to the West End for another lengthy run. So far, it has been bravely tackled by over 700 amateur companies.

It is set in a woodland clearing in Wiltshire where Johnny ‘Rooster’ Byron lives in a dilapidated mobile home. A motley assortment of ‘followers’ gather there to enjoy ‘raves’, free booze and drugs. It is the day of the Flintock Fair.


  • GINGER 20s / 30s                                Vulnerable and faithful friend of Johnny’s.
  • LEE      20s /30s                 His ambition is to be a D J. Will be emigrating to Australia the following day.
  • DAVEY 20s / 40s                Works in an abattoir. Unambitious. Has never set foot outside his village.
  • THE PROFESSOR  50s / 70s  Sweet natured .A simple soul who has a habit of quoting poetry and singing.
  • WESLEY   30s / 50s Landlord of a pub. Frustrated with his life. Hen pecked. Often teased by the others. Has to Morris Dance
  • TROY   40s / 50s  Late 30s / 40s Father of Phaedra, who has gone missing. Angry and threatening  towards Johnny.
  • PARSONS      20s / 50s  A Community Liaison Officer. In awe of his senior colleague Ms  T Fawcett.
  • Ms FAWCETT                    30s /40s   Senior community Liaison Officer. Bossy.
  • TANYA 16 Promiscuous and mouthy. Needs to have a curvy figure which she flaunts. Besotted by Lee.
  • PEA 16 Tanya’s friend. Cheeky. Needs  to be smaller than Tanya.
  • PHAEDRA 15                 Troy’s daughter. She was last year’s May Queen. Wears a fairy costume. Has a  sweet singing voice.
  • DAWN  Late 20s / 40s Mother of Johnny’s son Marky. Although in a new relationship she’s still bewitched by Johnny and his story telling.
  • MARKY 6 This could be played by a small 8 year old. Not much to say but has to react to Johnny’s stories.I shall also need two large men who have to look really menacing.. Non speaking roles and only appear towards the end of the play. [ Do we have any menacing looking bar staff?]
    If a couple of live chickens want to audition to take up residence under the Mobile home in Act 3 that would be great!
    Most, but not all of the cast will have Wiltshire accents.