“Escaped Alone” and “A Number – Audition

“Escaped Alone” and “A Number”
Two One Act plays by Caryl Churchill
Directed by Joy Matthews
Audition: Mon 2nd July in the Foyer
Escaped  Alone 19:30 and  A Number 20:45

Playing Dates: 25th – 29th Sept and 2nd – 6th Oct

Escaped Alone

Three friends and a neighbour chat in a garden. Playing ages 50s to 70s.

  • Vi (Plain spoken. Has been in prison for killing her husband)
  • Sally (Prim and proper. Terrified of cats)
  • Lena (Gentle and nervous. Agoraphobic)
  • Mrs Jarrett (A neighbour. From time to time addresses  the audience with surreal  predictions of the future)

The play takes place in the back yard of No 13 Archway Road. Playing time appox. 50 minutes.


A Number

A father discovers he has more than one cloned son.

  • Salter, the father (He has a seedy and shadowy past) Playing age 50s to 70s.
  • Bernard 1 (Aggressive and dangerous) Playing age 40.
  • Bernard 2 (An ordinary chap. Determined to find out the situation regarding his birth) Playing age 35.
  • Michael (Cheerful and friendly) Playing age 35.

The play takes place in the back garden of No 21 Archway Road.  Playing time approx. 60 mins.


The three sons are played by one actor. What a challenge!


For more information please contact Joy Matthews

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