Stage Manager

The Stage Manager

The Stage Manager is second only to The Director in responsibility and is the Director’s right hand man (or woman).stagemanager

The Stage Manager at The Archway will need a good working knowledge of all departments of our theatre.

Although our theatre is well equipped, it’s small size gives rise to many constraints. Over many years we have established a system of working which has proved to be successful in making the most of what we have.

All our plays are the result of team work, and it falls to the Stage Manager to coordinate the efforts of all the teams.

Some of The Stage Manager’s Many Responsibilities

Help the Director in selecting the cast.

Call progress meetings at prescribed times.
Arrange the rehearsal schedule and notify all departments and the cast.
During rehearsals make notes of actors moves specified by the director.
Ensure that ‘Props’ are available to those who need them (or substitutes for rehearsals).
Be ready to take rehearsals if the director is absent.
Ensure that the Director provides notes for the Newsletter.
When rehearsing ‘on stage’ ensure that the actors are ready on time.
Resolve problems with other departments.
In other words,’do the donkey work and let the Director concentrate on the play’.
He (or she) must organise the backstage team for the run, allotting the various tasks and ensuring that everyone knows their jobs during scene changes etc.
Ensure that the actors are ready to take their cue to go on stage.

In addition to all of the above:-

After the Final Dress Rehearsal the Stage Manager takes over complete responsibility for all the performances.

At the end of the run:-
The Stage Manager must supervise the return of costumes and any properties borrowed from all sources, and the general tidying of the Backstage area.