Set Designer

The Set Designer

The set designer will discuss the design requirements with the Director at an early meeting. There is much to be considered as the set design will affect all other departments.set_design

There may be elements to be changed for different scenes, this could be as simple as covering one set of flats with another or moving on stage a major assembly on a ‘truck’. Sometimes both systems are used. The amount of effort required to change scenes will determine how many back stage crew will be needed.

After the preliminary discussions, the designer produces drawings of the stage layout and the various component parts which will form the main structure.
Although drawings are produced they tend to be fairly rudimentary because the designer is usually available to assist with interpretation. Some designers make a scale model, this is very helpful to the cast in the early stages of rehearsal, as well as the constructors.

Although when finished the set looks solid and well appointed it is mainly canvas flats and a good paint job.