Behind The Scenes At The Archway

What Goes On in The Background?

Before the actors can play their part, a lot of preparation and hard work has to be done.

At any time there will be at least two plays active. The current play will either be in rehearsal on stage, or actually running. The following play will be rehearsing in the rehearsal arch.

Every production requires a team of people from various departments. The Director appoints the team leaders.

Although most members have their favourite activity or have special skills, they may take on various roles in different productions. There are not many “prima donnas” at the Archway. You will find, say an electrician who had a part in the previous play helping with the set construction of the next one. As well as perhaps helping backstage during the run.

For every performance two ‘House Managers’ are in attendance, showing members to their seats and selling programmes. Bar and Coffee Staff are also needed, each night.

The Archway Theatre is run by an elected Council of Management, which is divided into three sub-committees.
Finance and Administration
PRAMS (Public Relations, Advertising, Membership & Social)

The plays are selected by members of the Rep Committee. These members read plays with the object of finding plays which are suitable for staging at the Archway.

The play programme is planned at least 12 months in advance. A Director and Play will be selected for each slot. The Rep Committee and the Directors will discuss important aspects of the production before the programme is finalised.
The Director appoints his / her team. And of course the auditions take place and the Cast is chosen.
There are many aspects to consider apart from the theme of the play itself.

  • The number of actors required.
  • Availability for amateur production.
  • The cost of royalties.
  • The stage space and facilities required.
  • The overall balance of the year’s play programme