The Director

The Director takes full responsibility for their production.director
The Director’s first task is to recruit the various team leaders. The first team member to be recruited is the Stage Manager . This important team member helps to assemble the rest of the team.

The Director has complete control of all aspects of the play right up to the end of the final rehearsal, when the Stage Manager takes over.

After appointing the team, meetings are held with team leaders as necessary, as well as Pre-Production and Progress meetings at pre-defined intervals.

All the team leaders need to be familiar with the play script, so that the aims and wishes of The Director can be met. All will be in regular contact so that all teams can work together.

The Director’s prime concern is with the play being produced, this means rehearsals must be held at regular intervals.

Remember that all The Archway players and support teams are amateurs, and most have jobs and family commitments. Taking part in a production is a commitment which spreads over at least five weeks for the cast and longer for The Director and Stage Manager.

Rehearsals start in the ‘Rehearsal Arch’, one of the five arches occupied by The Archway Theatre.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are the regular nights for rehearsals, but of course the cast will be learning their parts on their ‘nights off’. If the cast is very large there may have to be additional rehearsals, and in some cases rehearsals may start earlier than usual. This is often the case when singing, music or dancing are part of the production.

The Stage Manager takes on much of this organisation, as well as recording the actors ‘moves’ as the rehearsal proceeds, and being available to stand in for The Director if required.