The York Realist – Mon 16th December

The York Realist By Peter Gill

Directed by Luise Cartwright
Audition Mon 16th December
19:45 in the bar

Playing 24th – 28th March and 31 Mar – 4th

Playing 24th – 28th March and 31 Mar – 4th

Please don’t miss the opportunity to audition for this terrific play.

Set in a farm labourer’s cottage in rural Yorkshire in the early 1960s, George lives with his mother whose health is failing.  His sister Barbara lives on a council estate in a nearby village with her husband Arthur and family.  Their teenage son Jack is about to leave school and is uncertain about his future.  Close by lives Doreen who is unmarried and quietly in love with George. They are all completely rooted in the culture and traditions of rural life.

John is the outsider from London – the assistant director of The York Mystery Plays in which George has been persuaded by Doreen to take part.

George and John are the central characters in the play and have large parts. Mother, Barbara, Arthur, Doreen and Jack are all very significant roles and each is very challenging in its own way.

  • GEORGE the farmer who discovers a talent for acting and is surprised by a yearning for more than the limitations of his life.  20s – 30s
  • JOHN the assistant director.  As a Londoner he is out of his comfort zone in the country but is attracted to the natural beauty and the rural life.  20s – 30s
  • MOTHER not strong in health but determined to remain at the centre of the family and to look after George, who is her favourite.  She is warm, managing and unsentimental.  60s up
  • DOREEN is a family friend who was at school with George and has encouraged his acting talents.  She is a regular chapel-goer, kind and caring.  She has hopes of marriage to George.  20s – 30s
  • BARBARA is George’s older sister who has moved from the farm with her family to a modern council house ‘with all mod cons’ in the village.  She clearly wears the trousers and is quite bossy.  30s
  • ARTHUR is Barbara’s husband.  He has moved from farming to shift work at his wife’s bidding.  He is hen-pecked, quiet and lacking in confidence.  He likes a drink!  30s
  • JACK is their teenage son.  He is about to leave school and going through a rebellious stage, unsure about his future.  He is good-natured but awkward and gauche.  14-16 

All the characters apart from John will need soft but convincing Yorkshire accents.

Please contact Luise Cartwright or use our contact form for a script and/or a chat if you would like to know more.

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