Hangmen – Mon 13th January

Hangmen By Martin McDonagh

Directed by Mandi Dunford
Audition Mon 13th January
19:45 in the bar

Playing 28th April – 2nd May & 5th – 9th May

“I’m just as good as bloody Pierrepoint.”

In his small pub in Oldham, Harry is something of a celebrity. But what’s the second-best hangman in England to do on the day they’ve abolished hanging? Among the cub reporters and sycophantic pub regulars dying to hear Harry’s reaction to the news, a peculiar stranger lurks, with a very different motive for his visit…

“Don’t worry. I may have my quirks but I’m not an animal. Or am I? One for the courts to discuss.”

A brilliant black comedy set in 60s Lancashire – Hangmen is fast-paced, side-splittingly funny and with a gripping tension that is relentless until the end.  

Cast List:

  • Harry Wade 40s/50s. The pub landlord and the second best hangman in England, Harry is struggling with life after the abolishment of hanging.
  • Mooney 20s/30s. from London.  Mooney is an enigma. A menacing character who manages to get under everyone’s skin. *You will need to be fairly physically fit for this role*
  • Alice 30s/50s. Harry’s wife. Alice is a strong lady, struggling with a moody teenager and a husband who is stuck in his glory days.
  • Shirley   Teens/20s.  Harry & Alice’s daughter. Shirley is naïve, awkward and takes an unfortunate shine to the mysterious Mooney.
  • Hennessy   20s/30s A young man who is hung for heinous crimes which he swears he didn’t commit…
  • Pierrepoint 40s/50s Harrys rival hangman. Pierrepoint arrives at a rather inconvenient moment.
  • Syd 30s Harrys assistant – timid and a bit odd, we see a darker side of Syd.
  • Inspector Fry 30s+ The local police inspector, with a bit of a drink problem. A local in Harry’s pub.
  • Clegg 20s/30s A local newspaper reporter who manages to rile Harry up.
  • Bill 40s+ A pub regular, Bill is an alcoholic.
  • Charlie 50s+ A pub regular, Charlie spends a lot of time explaining goings-on to Arthur.
  • Arthur 60s+ A pub regular, Arthur is very deaf, and always 3 steps behind the conversation.

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