A Matter of Life and Death – Audition

A Matter of Life and Death, based on the film by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, Adapted by Tom Morris and Emma Rice
Directed by Gary Andrews
Audition: Mon 30th July  19:45 in the Bar

Playing Dates: 30th Oct – 10th Nov

It is 1945. A young Airman jumps to certain death from his burning aircraft. His last words are to a girl he has never met: “I love you June. You are life and I’m leaving you.”


Following an angelic blunder, caused by a classic English pea-souper, Peter Carter miraculously survives and finds June in the flesh. But things are not so simple. To stay alive, Peter is forced to take himself, and the heavenly authorities, to the Universal Court of Appeal.


This wildly romantic play will be a big challenge and needs a large, dedicated cast. There will be elements of physical theatre and a smattering of songs. It will be colourful and fun. The cast are as follows (there is some flexibility and doubling depending on cast size)

[Solo roles, no doubling]

  • Peter Carter – a pilot 27
  • June – a radio operator – mid 20s
  • Bob – a wireless operator – 20s/30s
  • Dr Frank Reeves – village doctor – 45-55
  • Dr McEwen – an RAF doctor (M or F, any age)
  • Sgt Bellamy – a wounded airman – 20s/30s
  • Sister – nursing staff
  • Conductor 71 – a noblewoman from the French Revolution (20s/30s)
  • Female singing trio (similar to Andrews Sisters) – act as a ‘Greek Chorus’
  • [The following roles can be doubled as needed]
    • Mr Archer – an RAF surgeon – 40+
    • A young Girl – 16+ but can look younger
    • A mother from Coventry
    • Nurses x 2
    • Injured airmen
    • Chief Recorder – F 40+
    • William Shakespeare – 53
    • Peter’s Father – late 20s/early 30s
    • Accountant – F – any age
    • Two assistants – M/F – any age
    • Assorted crowd
  • To find out more/get copies of the script – contact Gary Andrews

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